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We manufacture pipe fittings or tubular connectors in the material known as ductile iron. This material, mainly used in the automotive industry because of it’s high strength and reliability, combined with the idea of ​​a highly versatile product and taking into account current market needs; inspired us to create what we provide today. With the mindset that a satisfied customer is worth more than any other goal we developed the highest quality product of its kind. We have a wide variety of products that provide great versatility to any project or construction required. We can help you develop your projects effectively and provide our product for personal use.


We offer you the assurance that you will be working with a world class company through the application of international standards in the manufacturing process, we ensure that each pipe fitting meets certain requirements and quality control. Our products have been subjected to structural and physical tests have been carried to extremes. Our employees review each piece with a strict and rigorous detail to filter any product that does not meet the required standards.

New Products

New Products

  • Base de Tinaco
    Base de Tinaco
    La base de tinaco es una aplicación pre-entregada para ser amada y ensamblada...

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